The story of AGR Fabrications

We are young brand that is developing parts for tuned mx-5 for quite a while now although our business as AGR Fabrications started just in 2021 when I left my daily job for good.

I have been working as product application engineer for renowned CNC machine developer, traveling around a globe and helping starting up productions running those machines - from small family businesses to large shipyard projects. I have been into machines since about 15, when I decided to study mechanical engineering. On high school I definitelly fell into it and never though about quitting. Then I wend to university to continue study of mechanical engineering - internal combustion engines and cars was my field of study. During these years in school I learned a lot about different aspects of mechanical engineering. I felt into cars just before end of high school for good when I was dreaming about R32 GT-Rs, but funny enough mx-5 was on the same bucket list. It was finally when I passed 1st grade on university I bought my Mx-5. This was when my mx-5 story finally began.

Since then I have been developing different parts for my own car. I got my daily job since 2016 and I was able to produce some prototypes there in the lab while doing my daily job of improving and testing those CNC machines. From there on I have been developing, prototyping and testing performance parts for my own tuned miata race car and many of those parts were so good that I sold designs to my friends at Skidnation. I have been helping them for last 7years or so - starting off with their famous bucket seat mounts which have come a long way since first prototype which I had in my car till last year, through oil pan baffle which was originally developed for my race engine which I have build in 2018. Then there was need to transport wheels to races I attended so I come up with idea to build wheel rack for boot that would allow for safe transportation of those wheels which is very popular, all the way to my latest products which you can now also buy directly from me - motor mounts, fender vents, brake ducts, steering rack spacers, and many more.

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