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Mx-5 spare bushings for our motor mounts

Mx-5 spare bushings for our motor mounts

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Choose from 3different bushing hardness for our motor mounts to best suit your driving style!

You can order spare bushings to experiment with different hardnesses, combine two different hardnesses, etc.

Yellow -60A intended for street cars only being very soft they will help minimize vibrations  at a price of a bit more motor movement compared to our standard mounts.

Black -70A dual duty (standard) which works great for all cars that sees a lot of spirited driving and some track use

Red –85A competition use -ideal for drift cars where you clutch kick a lot and for circuit racing

Comes as set of 4 bushings which is enough for one set of motor mounts (1 motor).


note: these only fit our motor mounts sold either by us or via skidnation and their partners.

60A and 85A are made to order please allow 2-4weeks for production


Products ordered through our store are usually shipped within 2-3 working days.


If product is out of stock you can still purchase it, but please allow 2-4 weeks for production -if you need to know more accurate lead time please message us on chat through  our store or message us at prior to your order.



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