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Mx-5 differential brace kit

Mx-5 differential brace kit

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Upgrade Your Differential's Strength:

  • Our reinforcement brace is designed for large casing differentials in:
    • Mazda MX5 NBFL
    • Mazda MX5 NB
    • Mazda MX5 NA (produced after 1993)

Address Weak Points:

  • Differentials in 1994-05 MX-5s have a factory notch, a potential failure point in rear-end crashes. This notch can lead to housing breakage, undear heavy load especially in competition use or high-powered cars.

Bolt-On and Weld-In Options:

  • Our brace is a bolt-on solution, but for high-powered cars, welding is recommended for extra strength. The tight fit inside the casting cavity significantly enhances the differential arm's strength.

Installation Details:

  • Requires differential removal for plate installation. For a bolt-in solution, drill 4 holes into the diff; for welding, remove the rear aluminum case, clean, weld, and reassemble.

Quality Material:

  • Precision-machined from 8mm thick EN5083 aluminium. Use 5356 filler rod (AlMg5) for welding in.

Drilling Considerations:

  • Bolt holes are pre-drilled for bolt-in installation; For welding, remember to drill a small vent hole for hot gas to escape during welding and not to blow your weld.

Simplified Installation Process:

  • No need to worry about precise hole alignment on the differential itself; our solution ensures proper alignment for a secure fit.


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