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MX-5 bumpsteer elimination spacers NB

MX-5 bumpsteer elimination spacers NB

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Optimize Steering Precision with Miata NB Steering Rack Spacers:

  • Correct bumpsteer in your Miata NB cars, including Mx5 NB and NBFL models, by installing these steering rack spacers between the subframe and steering rack.

Essential Mod for Tuned Miatas:

  • A must-have modification for tuned Miatas equipped with low offset wheels, those without power-assisted steering, and cars featuring extended lower ball joints. This mod benefits all lowered cars.

Precision CNC Machined from POM-C aka Delrin:

  • CNC-machined out of  POM-C for durability and accuracy.

Addressing Bumpsteer Effect:

  • Lowering your Mx-5 alters the tie rod angle, causing bump steer—unintended wheel movement over bumps. This effect is further amplified with low offset wheels, impacting the scrub radius.

Spacer Thickness:

  • Features a 15mm (short of 5/8") thickness to effectively correct the tie rod angle and reduce bump steer.


  • Designed for NB steering rack and subframe only. A separate kit is available for Miata NA models.

Alignment Essential:

  • Alignment is crucial post-installation to prevent excessive front toe-out, preserving tire life.

Installation Tips:

  • Ensure bolt holes are clean from dirt and oil using brake cleaner or degreaser.
  • Tighten to factory-spec torque of 75-105Nm (preferably 85Nm) with a small dab of medium-strength threadlocker.

Clearance Check:

  • Prioritize a clearance check (18-20mm) between the steering rack and oil pan. Address any lower engine issues caused by worn engine mounts or misaligned Power Plant Frame (PPF).


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