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Mx-5 Delrin window bushings

Mx-5 Delrin window bushings

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Upgrade your car windows with high-quality delrin bushings for smooth operation

Experiencing slow or stiff windows in your car? Worn-out bushings might be to blame. This common problem is often the result of dirt accumulating in the window tracks, causing the original bushings to wear down faster.

Benefits of Delrin bushings:

  • Smooth operation: Enjoy smoother window movement with durable Delrin bushings.
  • Long-lasting: These bushings are designed to outlast standard ones, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Self-lubricating: Delrin's natural lubricating properties keep your windows moving smoothly, even in dusty conditions.
  • Easy installation: This kit is simple to install and includes everything you need to replace bushings on both driver and passenger side doors.

What's included in the Kit:

  • Two Delrin bushings: one for each door.

Restore your car windows to peak performance with Delrin bushings. These premium-quality bushings offer durability and ease of installation, making them the ideal choice for your vehicle. Order now for a smoother, more reliable window operation.


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