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MX-5 heat insulating intake manifold gasket

MX-5 heat insulating intake manifold gasket

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The MX-5 heat insulating intake manifold gasket is placed between the cylinder head and intake manifold, providing superior thermal insulation with a conductivity 250 times lower than steel gasket. This ensures less heat transfer from the hot cylinder head to the intake manifold.

That means less heat is transferred to intake air- rule of thumb is that 7°C of intake air temperature drop may increase power by 1%.

This may sound like a small gain but you can easily see 50-60°C intake temperatures on naturally aspirated motors during 25°C day. That is 25-35°C difference (3-5% on power) and part of that temp increase can be dropped by this mod, assuming your intake entrance is not above hot exhaust manifold (stock location).

We recommend use of OEM intake manifold gasket from both sides of our insulating gasket (so it will look like: cylinder head, OEM gasket- heat insulating gasket -OEM gasket- intake manifold). We can supply this if you opt for it.

To prevent any air leaks. IF both head and intake manifold mating surfaces are perfectly flat and clean it is not necessary to use OEM intake manifold gasket on either side.

Note: na6 variant has both coolant passages not machined (blocked)on purpose to not pass any hot coolant through intake manifold. Leaving these unblocked would negate effect of this thermal insulating gasket.

- Machined out of 3mm thick phenolic resin reinforced composite.

- Thermal conductivity: 0,2 W.mˉ1.Kˉ1


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