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Mx-5 NA/NB billet aluminium rear subframe brace

Mx-5 NA/NB billet aluminium rear subframe brace

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Introducing our High-Performance Subframe Brace – Engineered for Precision!

  •  CNC machined from 10mm thick aluminum billet for exceptional durability
  •  Attaches to 8 mounting points for unbeatable rigidity
  •  Sandwiches the subframe from both sides, featuring brace itself on one side and specially designed stiffening plates on the other
  •  Greatly enhances rear subframe stiffness for optimal performance
  •  Designed to accommodate exhaust systems as large as 3"

Compatible with all NA and NB subframes, offering two models:
  • NA6/NB: Fits all NA cars without a factory subframe brace and NB models with a factory brace. Will also fit NA cars with a factory brace  (requires cutting off mounting tabs). If your NA is equipped with brace from factory and you do not want to cut it there is NA8 brace option specially designed for this!

  • NA8: Specifically designed for NA cars with a factory brace. Minimal grinding required for a perfect fit (no power tools needed). Optional hand grinding for better clearance.

Weighs only ≈ 1600 grams, including brace, stiffening plates, spacers, and all installation hardware.

Pictures showcase NA8 brace, NA6 brace pictures coming soon

Before shipping, we provide a printable template for you to check clearances with your car, ensuring a perfect fit with various exhaust systems. To request printable template without ordering, please email us at, and we'll send you the template and instructions.

Upgrade your driving experience with our precision-engineered subframe brace – Order Now!



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