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Mx-5 cabin filter

Mx-5 cabin filter

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Revitalize Your Miata Interior with Cabin Air Filtration:

  • Surprisingly, neither NA nor NB cars are equipped with a factory cabin filter, allowing an influx of debris—small leaves, seeds, dust—through the ventilation system. Combat this issue effectively with our precision-engineered cabin air filter, ensuring a consistently clean Miata interior.

Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Technology:

  • Meticulously crafted through advanced 3D printing technology, our cabin air filter is manufactured from PETG material for lasting durability and optimal performance.

Includes Two Spare Filters for Prolonged Protection:

  • Each set includes the primary filter for immediate installation and a bonus set of two spare filters. Swap out filters as needed, maintaining a consistently clean interior environment.


  • Tailored to fit seamlessly in:
    • Mazda MX5 NBFL
    • Mazda MX5 NB
    • Mazda MX5 NA

Elevate Your Miata Experience:

  • Say goodbye to unwanted particles infiltrating your Miata and elevate your driving experience with a cleaner, more enjoyable interior.


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