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Mx-5 dual duty motor mounts 1.8 VVT (4bolts)

Mx-5 dual duty motor mounts 1.8 VVT (4bolts)

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- set of advanced performance motor mounts

- proven and tested design over few race seasons now

- reduce engine motion and drastically helps with shifting precision - forget those missed 3rd gear shifts once and forever.

- stronger design and better durability than OEM mazda mx5 new motor mounts and Mazdaspeed mounts

- available for all BP engines found in:

mazda mx5 nbfl (BPZE also called BPZ3)
mazda mx5 NB (BP4W)
mazda mx5 NA (B6ZE and BP8)

- profesionally TIG welded

great weight saving over stock motor mounts - weight is about 2.5kg, depends on variant

70A durometer large size bushing - great for spirited road driving as well as race application


60A and 85A bushings available on special order. 85A is only reccomended for professional motorsport use or dedicated track cars. 60A is great choice for those daily drivers, that still wants improved shifting action but want slight reduction in vibration compared to 70A bushing (60A will still rattle your car more than OEM bushings! )

These are must have for all spec miata mx5 cup or any drift miata out there as well as tuned mx5 searching for that great shifting feel !

Please always check what motor mounts you currently have on car prior ordering! It is possible to intall 3bolt 1.8 motor mount on 4bolt 1.8 motor, but not visa versa. This 4th mounting bolt is located on oil pan, hence it is possible to find (or build) motor that will have early NB (BP4W) block but mounted with late NB (BP6D) oil pan. In such case you can use either 3 or 4bolt 1.8 mount but we reccomend using 4bolt variant, if you have provision for 4 bolts.


from July 2023 70A bushings are light grey in color


Products ordered through our store are usually shipped within 2-3 working days.


If product is out of stock you can still purchase it, but please allow 2-4 weeks for production -if you need to know more accurate lead time please message us on chat through  our store or message us at prior to your order.



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